Create a brand to the height of your ambition.

Make your brand evolve for better results/performances.

How the workshop « Brand creation and evolution » can help you ?

Perfect to create a brand, conceive its brand platform, its visual guidelines, to proceed to the brand naming process… This workshop is also ideal to make a brand evolve with relevance and consistency.


What the workshop « brand creation and evolution » is about ?


Through this workshop, with technics of mindfullness we access to the most relevant and accurate creativity energy. This is how we are guided in the brand creation, the conception of its brand platform, its visual guidelines, its name…This way we are able to realign an existing brand, in order for it to get to next level of growth and development.

When is this workshop useful  ?

When you have the project to create a brand

This workshop helps to go from the conceptualization of the brand, the business you want to launch, to the its formalization.


For a current brand facing unbalanced development and uncertain incomes

This workshop steps in for brands that need a new breath of fresh air, to revitalize their image, their development, and access a new step of their growth. Keep in mind that a brand is the first contact that a propsect will have with your company. It constitutes the first lever that will guide them through the process that will make them customers of your company.


Who can do the workshop “brand creation and evolution” ?


Brand managers, marketing directors, heads of marketing, company directors, creative directors, entrepreneurs, business owners, intrapreneurs… Every person in charge of brand (corporate, product, etc…), any every person that has a company, a brand, a product/service as a project.


Where do the workshops “Innovation and Creativity” take place ?


The workshops take place in your premises. If not, they occur in a place of our choice.

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