Marketing consulting dedicated to SMB and micro business

Marketing consulting dedicated to SMB and micro business

SMB and micro business are often considered as simple drops of water in the ocean of French economic player. But as the Ocean is a multitude of drops o water, the French economic landscape is only a myriad of SMB and micro businesses (99,9 % of French companies in 2012 according to the

Here micro business and SMB have the place of honor. We dedicaded to them a specifically designed marketing consulting mode to fit their needs.

A marketing consulting service made to fit SMB and micro business characteristics.

If, in your company :

  • The start’up way of working best describes your work flow
  • The budget is often limited
  • A strong reactivity is required
  • Multitasking is mandatory


Well, what is going to follow is for you!

A marketing consulting made to fit you!

An answer to your marketing needs through a consulting mode that suits you. It is  based on a new method, an innovation created by our departments and protected*, which combines :

Training : to enable you to conceive the expected marketing solution or marketing strategy. This helps your team to develop its versatility.

Assistance in the making of the solution or the marketing strategy . « Quick meeting for quick decisions », which allows a strong reactivity.

Expert advice that assures an efficient and long term solution thanks to a strategic vision, a knowledge of the sector…

*Registered on INPI


« Do It Yourself » formula : an efficient and economical marketing consulting mode

Thanks to the training that you get, you conceive the solution identified. In order to guarantee the performance of the project, assistance is included in this method.

In this way, not only the number of charged consulting hours are decreased, but also training hours may be charged on your training budget or any training subvention if it meets the criteria.


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