Consulting and research : develop your current and up coming profitability

Bouton spécial PME et micro entreprises - Marketing conscient

Innovate on the market

Embrace the new paradigms, by widening your vision of the market: CSR framework (LCA, eco-design, etc.), principles of the circular economy, specific creativity workshops

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Flexibility for profitability

To face the new rythm of the market, adapt the governance mode of your company

Bouton stratégie de marque - Marketing conscient

Embrace your life purpose activities

Workshops designed to help identify and develop your life purpose activities, in a company or as an entrepreneur. 

Bouton stratégie sociale - Marketing conscient

Social media strategy

To create a professional account, to boost your social media or simply to outsource your social media management

Workshops : Creat’unity – Vocation “Soul missions”

Bouton stratégie de marque - Marketing conscient

Workshop : Soul missions

Find out the next chapter of your professional life. What are the professional activities that your Soul wants to embrace ?

Bouton spécial PME et micro entreprises - Marketing conscient

Workshop: "Brand creation and evolution"

Perfect to create your brand, its brand’s platform, its visual guidelines… And also to make a relevant evolution of your brand.

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Workshop: "Strategic vision"

Get out of it a flexible, adjustable development plan, based on a strategic vision, open to innovation.

Social media marketing: costless and popular media for customers accquistion

Designed for the creation of professional social media account. Including posts, stories…

Posts, stories, videos… to boost your social media account.

Hands-on pack. We manage your social media account for you. Including ad campaigns, posts, stories, videos…

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